About the creator of Chaos Crew

My name is Bethany. I’m a Marine Corps Veteran and an ASU Lake Havasu Student.

I want to tell you about Chaos Crew, a comedy series about the adventures of five female college students at a small university.

I was initially inspired to write Chaos Crew in my freshman year of college. I ended up with a tight knit group of friends who I hung out with all the time. We all came from different backgrounds, but we all seemed to have one thing in common. Every one of us had felt like we were oddballs or outcasts and hadn't had many friends in high school - then, in college, we found each other. I joked with them that it would be fun to have a TV series about college students that didn't quite fit in, but had amazing adventures anyways.

Later, I became more intrigued with the idea. I began reading articles about a lack of film and television with strong female characters that weren't relegated to a basic stereotype. I wanted a story about strong, intelligent, driven young women that was about more than just romance or appearances. I wanted to have them be fun and engaging for both men and women. People you’d want to hang out with. A group of friends working towards their goals, loving life, helping each other, and just having fun.

Tina Fey once said, “Make your own opportunities.” So, I started working on writing Chaos Crew. Then, I talked to my professor about doing a business plan for a TV series as my college capstone project. A few conversations with the right people later and I’m now working on raising money to film the pilot episode of Chaos Crew.

I plan to film the TV show in my hometown of Lake Havasu City. I want to use Havasu locals for the majority of the cast and crew. I am very thankful to my home town and all the people who have helped me reach my goals in life. I want to give back to them by creating something new and wonderful for my communty.

This is my Dream. I want to invite you to be a part of it.